The Perfect5D Documentation

The Perfect5D Documentation: The Secret to Our Success


At TechRelate we’re constantly evolving to ensure we hold onto our reputation as one of the highest quality managed service providers you’ll find in operation. One of the ways we keep on top of the needs of our ever-growing client list is through our internal documentation process, which we’ve honed to perfection over the years…if we do say so ourselves!

To share the secrets of this process and show you how it can help provide your business with unparalleled infrastructure and router support, today we’re going to talk about how our personalised Perfect5D documentation allows us to consistently provide our diverse customer base with the best IT support in London.

The Perfect5D, as we’ve coined it, is TechRelate’s five-point approach to documenting a client’s systems. This bespoke summary is meticulously tailored to each client and is written by the customer and their TechRelate IT Manager to help our teams understand their people, systems and how they impact the client’s business.

perfect5D 131. The first stage of the process is a bespoke client summary which maps out what the organisation’s purpose is, how the client’s company is organised and what it is they specifically want to get out of their outsourced IT support service. Then we prepare a brief summary and explanation of the systems that are currently being used for the following:




  • Email
  • Logon domains
  • Antivirus and firewalls
  • File storage (highlighting key locations)
  • Telephony solutions
  • Connection provider, including details of the current service (ADSL, EFM etc.)

We cover how the client found TechRelate – whether they have an existing strategic relationship with another one of our clients or whether they have a personal or business connection to me Julian Fox, the managing director.

We ask the client if there are any specifics they need us to bear in mind while we work for them or if there is anything out of the ordinary with their setup or needs. For example, it’s useful for us if we know up front that they are in a serviced office with set hours for access, which members of staff should be allowed to request assistance or given permission to change secure documents or system settings let alone reset passwords. The summary is always shared with clients, who are then offered the chance to make amendments.

Finally, in the event that we need to gain physical access to a client’s office to provide support, we explain the in and out of hours’ details regarding access to the office. We detail the client’s office layout and make note of whether we have keys to the office or access in a shared building to the comms room (if they are in a shared building).


  1. Moving on to the second step of the process, we maintain a full list of all employees within the company, including managers, staff and any internal staff contractors. The staff hierarchy is identified in this list with a simple numbering system making clear who is the ultimate decision maker and others who may have administrative powers and highlighting the key operational staff. Knowing the scope of the business and its make -up is particularly handy when it comes to gauging activity throughout the working day, helping us pinpoint when problems could arise so we can proactively manage any potential issues before they happen.


  1. The third stethird partyp of the documentation is focused on any relevant third parties who are utilised by the client. Many businesses outsource IT and it’s imperative that we know who is supplying what, so we can get in touch with the key staff members or contractors if an issue arises. Third parties who supply services ranging from telecoms and printer suppliers to security and even the building landlord all become part of our thorough documentation, so there’s never a moment wasted if we need to act quickly to avoid disruption to a client’s business.




4. For the penultimate part of the Perfect5D we focus on security, system credentials and licence keys, so this means passwords for systems are broken down across numerous categories, clearly highlighting and displaying the required technical information for each and every system the company uses. This way we have all of the information we need upfront, so we can react to an issue as it happens, rather than wasting time while we wait for a key login details to be sent through to our team.

  1. CameraFinally, we integrate visuals to finish off the documentation process. Photos of the relevant systems, the office’s network layout and the core data comms cabinets and servers are all included. This way our engineering teams can have a thorough view of the company’s core network infrastructure, which is key to quick and effective troubleshooting.




Additionally, those customers who fall within the top end of our package breakdown also have a network diagram created for them, giving our team an even closer look at their internal networking infrastructure.

With our in depth Perfect5D documentation being carried out for each and every client, it means we can provide our full customer base with as personal and knowledgeable a service as if we were based within their office.

Our dedicated team work around the clock to provide our customers with the highest level of support and we’ve got the stats to back it up, with a whopping 95.3% of phone calls being answered within 15 seconds and 100% of our support tickets resolved on time.

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