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  • Ideal Organisation SizePackage designed for organisations of this size
  • Same Day Remote ResponseSame day remote response: guaranteed response when emailing or calling 0330 0100201 to provide guidance and remote support if required at a cost of £90 per hour in 15 minutes chunks.
  • 4 Hour Onsite or Remote Response4-hour response remote or on-site (also called 4hr SLA): entitles the client to a guaranteed engineer visit or remote response within four hours. At TechRelate we pick up the phone promptly and deal with our supported clients right away.
  • AntiVirusAntivirus: industry leading Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protection for PC or F-Secure for Mac for piece of mind that no matter where your machines go on the Internet they will remain protected.
  • Office 365 Hosted ExchangeOffice 365 hosted exchange: 50GB mailboxes to provide seamless synchronisation of contacts, calendar and emails across multiple computers, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Network MonitoringNetwork monitoring: Our support team have a large screen with icons for all supported clients. Green, amber or red gives us an indication of connection status or alerts to the site. With just a few clicks our engineers can see exactly what is going on whether a firewall is overheating or a server is running out of disc space.
  • TechRelate Cloud Backup ServiceTechRelate cloud backup: Economies of scale allow us to offer the best off-site storage to our clients at remarkable costs. This daily backup with multiple versioning of files allows us to instantly restore your business critical data to any Internet connected Mac or PC.
  • Perimeter DefencePerimeter defence: monthly checks and updates for firmware revisions relevant to your core network infrastructure provide re-assurance that your users are safe and so is your company data. Coupled with up to date virus protection this service is unique and very secure.
  • Remote SupportRemote support: all TechRelate supported computers have team viewer Quick Support shortcuts on the desktop. With one DoubleClick and confirmation of the ID/PW our expert engineers can access your computer and resolves any problems you might be having.
  • Next day on-site hardware deliveryNext day on-site hardware delivery: When hardware fails it is important that replacements are readily available. With this service TechRelate guarantees to get suitable replacement kit to your offices the very next day.
  • Monthly onsite SupportMonthly On-Site support: We think visiting regularly really helps us understand a client’s needs and keep in touch with business challenges. Whether or not you have problems, this service means we pop in on a monthly basis to keep in touch.
  • Intelligent Connectivity ManagementIntelligent connectivity management: If you need to stay connected, this option includes failover configuration so your business can stay online irrespective of your primary Internet connection. Using technology such as EFM, 4G or satellite connectivity we can configure core firewalls to automatically failover when a connection goes down to keep your business online.
  • Perfect5DPerfect5D: Our client on boarding process is a detailed look at your systems and the relevant third parties to keep your business running. The monthly review of that documentation allows us to stay on top of changes and highlight where potential savings or improvements can be made.
  • Third Party Application and Vendor ManagementThird party application and vendor management: Knowing who to call is one thing but TechRelate will actually call and use our technical knowledge to leverage speedy results from any supplier you use – this means you will never be baffled by technical explanations and our engineers will outline the situation in plain English whilst talking the technical language required to ensure swift resolution to any problems or lack of service.
  • Business continuity PlanningBusiness continuity planning: based around three types of disaster, TechRelate will produce and overview guides to be used in the case of any disaster with regard to keeping your business operational. If you suffer from flood, fire or theft, talk to use today about how to minimise the impact to your business.
  • Backup hardware storageBackup Hardware Storage: TechRelate will store back-up equipment to enable us to replace failed hardware on the same day to keep your business functional.
  • Business process management - starters leavers etcBusiness process management: When a new employee joins your business there are a number of systems to be set up. TechRelate will create a checklist to guide you with regard to the process required. Furthermore, when an employee leaves, we have a comprehensive checklist of what needs to be disabled or turned off. This ensures protection of your business from malicious ex-members of staff.
  • Mutiple engineering visits per weekMultiple engineering visits per week: for larger organisations wanting to completely outsource their IT support requirements, it is likely that we might need to visit your site for up to eight times per month. This gives you piece of mind that we are here as and when required.
  • 10GB
  • 10 Members of Staff
  • 10 Licences
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • 20GB
  • 20 Members of Staff
  • 20 Licences
  • 20 Mailboxes
  • 50GB
  • 30 Members of Staff
  • 30 Licences
  • 30 Mailboxes
  • 75GB
  • 50+ Members of Staff
  • 50 Licences
  • 50 Mailboxes
  • 1TB

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