If you’re based in London or the South-East of England, with 1-150 staff members, TechRelate can help! We are specialists in IT support & advice for businesses in London, and can help you with any technology.


Kurt Guiger

We engaged TechRelate to assist with multiple infrastructure upgrade projects, they added technical expertise and re-assurance through some dramatic changes. The depth of documentation was impressive and on-going support since has been immediate in or out of hours. Allan Mason, Kurt Geiger IT Manager.


Crafts Council

“The Crafts Council (CC) engaged Will Osborn from TechRelate initially in 2012 to help manage a number of large CRM databases. After a few months we were impressed with the service delivery and response time from Will and his colleagues, and so we engaged TechRelate to report on the health, effectiveness and efficiency of our IT systems with a site survey. Many areas were identified that required attention, principally our email system, which was successfully overhauled with dramatic reductions in downtime.  In addition, our carbon footprint and running costs have been significantly reduced across all systems. Staff feedback is very positive, and user confidence in our IT systems has considerably increased owing to the regular visits, the high visibility and approachability of TechRelate’s engineers, and the prompt telephone support service. Now we are working with TechRelate in furthering our strategy for the future, making The Crafts Council’s technical systems and infrastructure as energy efficient and innovative as possible.”



Coby Philips

“We have been with TechRelate since January 2010 and never before have we felt so at home or have our computer systems worked so reliably. Engineers visit us regardless of problems and I am certain this is what keeps things working so well, TechRelate often fix or alert us to an issue before we realise one exists. Our 8 year old application server was virtualised towards the end of last year and now it runs on new equipment but we didn’t have to pay for it to be rebuilt – it is innovations and a truly customer centred approach that make TechRelate the technology consultancy for us. Thanks TechRelate.”


CHK Design

“We were very impressed by TechRelate’s skills in re configuring our internal network. As a graphic design studio ( we naturally rely heavily on our digital setup. Engineers were efficient and personal. Many thanks, TechRelate!!”


Alternative Water Solutions

“Alternative Water Solutions has been a client for several years. We have found TechRelate to be knowledgeable, provide good advice with a reliable and prompt back-up service, fair and reasonable in charging and engineers are always cheery in their manner. We can wholeheartedly recommend TechRelate to manage your computer system.”



“I just wanted to write and let you know that I was very impressed with the service I received and delighted that you were able to get me out of a potential crisis regarding my emails accounts in such a speedy fashion. Very happy to recommend TechRelate to all those in need.”


Kerk J Davies Opticians

“All our 15 supported computers work well thanks to Julian. We even have easy to follow disaster recovery plans and spare computer systems on hand at all times.”


CH Hausmann & Co Solicitors

“Our entire system was changed (hardware and software) over one weekend with no disruption whatsoever to the business. This was done in the most committed and professional way, with financial considerations borne in mind and adhered to. Thank You! We continue to engage TechRelate for all our IT support, as well as for our state of the art telephone system, and have done so since autumn 2010. The service continues to be outstanding at an astonishingly competitive price. “



“TechRelate provide a complete IT management service for my legal practice, they are honest, responsive and straightforward to deal with. I highly recommend TechRelate, they have been a great partner for my business.”


Radcliffe and Newlands

“I would like to thank you for your excellent service since you became our IT support provider a couple of months ago. You have re-organised our Comms Cupboard and changed it from disorganised chaos into a very organised colour coded set of tables. Your team have implemented the changeover from our previous support company extremely well and I have found the the support team have been very efficient, knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. When things have gone wrong, you have worked quickly to sort out any problems. Keep up the good work. I would be happy to recommend you to any firm who wants a high class IT support company.”


Arrival Education

“We’d like to thank the team at TechRelate for the amazing job you’re doing. I’m hearing nothing but positive feedback from the team. We all feel it’s been a great decision to switch over to you as our IT provider. You have a fantastic, supportive, patient team who are incredibly knowledgeable and solve issues really quickly but also understand how to speak to human beings who have no technical understanding! This is a first in my experience. Not only this, but I’m really impressed with the systems and solutions that you’ve put in place for us and for the first time in years we are confident that our IT is totally secure, being properly managed and in good hands.”

cornerstone church

Cornerstone Church

“I have been very impressed with the professionalism that TechRelate showed the whole way through the project. From the outset, they listened carefully and ensured that they understood the problems we were experiencing with our IT and what we were wanting to achieve. Once they were clear on our needs and understood our current infrastructure Julian and his team prescribed a solution within the inside of a week. The initial work of updating to a new fast & stable internal wi-fi network with full building coverage, overhauling our network security, creating a more stable and more reliable server back-up, logically organising, re-cabling, tidying up, and clearly labelling our switch, routers, hard drives, modems Etc was completed within less the a month after our initial meeting and this while having to manage the Christmas break in-between. The work, in itself, took only two days. The Office 365 email migration from BT was more problematic but TechRelate did a first class job once the migration had been authorised. We found TechRelate to be extremely professional and were impressed by their commitment to solve our issues. The addition of having a dedicated team member assigned to us (Niel Marais) was a huge help and he, with great patience, made sure that we understood every step of the project before each stage of work began. We now have a rock solid network and IT solution alongside fully functional Office 365 productivity services which have greatly streamlined our workflow. For the duration of the project I along with my team were impressed by the TechRelate team’s knowledge and skill in the field and we are thrilled with the solution they provided.”

good coaching company2

The Good Coaching Company

“I would like to thank you for the great service and advice you and your team at TechRelate have provided over the past few years. I wanted to create simplicity within my business when it comes to IT, and TechRelate consistently offered simple, sound advice in a kind and professional way, helping to find the most streamlined solutions to fit my requirements – from transferring the hosting of my website to setting up with a more reliable emailing system. The TechRelate customer service team reliably pick up my calls at lightening speed and explain clearly what I or they need to do to resolve an issue, giving me peace of mind with their friendly ‘can-do’ approach. I would definitely recommend TechRelate’ to ambitious business looking for a safe and expert pair of hands to manage all their IT support requirements. ”

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