Why I started TechRelate IT Support

I started TechRelate with three goals in mind. First, was to provide second-to-none IT support. Next, was to offer industry-leading innovations. Finally, I wanted to do it at a reasonable price. Outstanding support means attention to detail in everything we do. This applies whatever your business. Clients range from household name retailers to solicitors, café chains and fund managers. We really do cross every sector. And all our clients get the same 24-hour support, 365 days a year. This matters because IT has to keep your business running every single day. It also needs to adapt to your needs as your business changes. If that means working all night outside office hours, we’ll do what it takes.

Every business has different IT Support needs

It soon became clear to me that every business is different. So, their IT support needs are different. Some businesses require hands-on support all the time. Others just want someone on hand on an ad hoc basis or for a particular project. As a result, we offer different levels of support, as you will see on the Services page.


I’m obsessive about only working with people I think are skilled enough to live up to my standards. I’ve seen many cases in the past where a problem that should have been solved in minutes has taken days to resolve due to the lack of expertise of the so-called IT expert. That doesn’t happen at TechRelate. You won’t get sent round in circle speaking to admin staff while waiting for your problem to be solved. You’ll speak to an engineer immediately.
You can see the TechRelate team here.

IT Support Prices and Contracts

Unlike most IT companies, we charge in 15 minute blocks. I think that’s a fairer way to charge as it means you only pay for what you use. And, we won’t tie you into a long-term contract either. We want you to feel tied to us because of our outstanding service and reasonable prices.

If you would like to discuss any IT needs you have, please feel free to call me on 0330 010 0201.

Julian Fox Managing Director